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Again welcome to the Oxford University Korean Society(OUKS)! We are a club dedicated to promoting Korean culture around the university and forming bonds between like-minded members. I am Kyuhoon Han, the president of the society for the 2023-24 academic year.

 The group was founded in 1986. Ever since, OUKS has produced over 800 alumni and students, creating a global network. Throughout the years, the core values of the society remain unfazed. We aim to form a warm, welcoming, non-exclusive social group centred around the common topic - Korean culture.

 Some of the popular themes that bring us together include music, food and films. We therefore host events catered to such themes, such as termly K-Pop nights, annual Korean Food Nights, and termly Korean film nights, with huge success. We also come together to celebrate Korean holidays, such as Seol-nal, or the lunar new year. A gathering of several dozens of Korean students as well as members who wish to find out more about the Korean traditions creates a delusion that we are in the heart of Seoul. On this day, we share Korean food and play traditional Korean games such as Jae-gi, mixed up with song and dance performances from our talented members.

 The committee understands that now, the social activities have turned back to .

 Our aim this year, therefore, has adapted to its needs. We aim to target our focus on creating a supportive network, not only physically by looking out for each member but also by forming close bonds between members. We will continue to recover activities that were lost during the pandemic and again .

It certainly is not going to be a smooth ride - but we hope to provide you with the best experience in Oxford as Korean and to support all of us invested in Korean culture.

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